Seminar about Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Usually first Thursday every month, 4 o'clock pm, FZ.02.06 building FZ

University of Wuppertal, Campus Freudenberg, 42119 Wuppertal

The seminar will discuss current research topics in the areas of machine learning and data analysis.

(seminar will be held in German language)

Date   Speaker   Title
20.04.2023   Antoine Tordeux, Bergische Universität Wuppertal   Datenbasierte Ansätze in der Verkehrstechnik und für die prädiktive Instandhaltung am Fachgebiet VZU
04.05.2023   Lars Grüne, Universität Bayreuth   Curse-of-dimensionality-free deep-learning approaches to deterministic control problems
01.06.2023   to be announced   to be announced
06.07.2023   to be announced   to be announced
status as of:   21.04.2023    

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