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With the establishment of the "Interdisciplinary Center for Machine Learning and Data Analytics (IZMD)", the University of Wuppertal has created a cross-departmental institution to foster interdisciplinary research and the transfer of research insights in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. The IZMD consists of two branches, namely a branch dedicated to the scientific research in these areas, and a branch dedicated to the transfer of research knowledge in the form of cooperation with local businesses and industry partners, as well as with public institutions and intermediaries. The branch dedicated to the transfer of research insights is termed the "Bergische Innovation Platform for Artificial Intelligence (BIT)" and is consulted by a research advisory board. Additionally, the IZMD supports the respective degree programs at the University of Wuppertal by providing opportunities for topic-relevant internships and enabling students to apply the knowledge of their degree programs in the form of application-oriented development projects.

The IZMD is committed to the following responsibilities:

Video IZMD launch event 25th of march 2019

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Dr. Erik Freier
University of Wuppertal
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